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Best Medicare Supplemental Insurance

The best Medicare supplemental insurance for you can depend on a number of factors, including your lifestyle, age, and even your zip code. Because original Medicare can only cover a percentage of costs related to services offered, many seniors need some kind of Medicare supplemental insurance, also called Medigap, to pay for coinsurance and other fees that they would otherwise face on their own. There are currently 10 approved Medigap plans available to purchase, so finding the best Medicare supplemental insurance policy for you can take some research. Consider these examples of seniors facing different scenarios and what the best Medicare supplemental insurance policy might be for them.

Insurance for Small Nest Eggs

Seniors who have little savings or depend heavily on Social Security might be tempted to take their chances with original Medicare and forego any supplemental coverage. This strategy could work temporarily for those with no outstanding medical conditions, but a single unexpected emergency, be it an illness or a physical accident, can derail high hopes of frugality while raising out-of-pocket medical costs to a much higher point than anticipated. Since Medicare only covers 80 percent of the approved cost of a service, without a supplemental policy comparison you could face a 20 percent coinsurance payment for nearly all types of health care. This is why it's a good idea to invest in at least a basic form of supplemental coverage. Medigap Plan A, for example, will take care of your coinsurance for inpatient hospital treatment, emergency room visits, general physician visits, hospice care and even some preventative services. The plan also covers your first three pints of blood drawn before Medicare picks up the tab.

All Medigap plans encompass the services of Plan A, so you can be assured of this basic level of care in any Medigap plan that you purchase. If you are working with a low budget, it might seem intuitive to go with a lower premium, but a more comprehensive plan might actually be best for you. The unavoidable truth is that health care is expensive. Having a little more coverage with a little higher monthly premium can save you money in the long run by covering deductibles and excess charges while added services like skilled nursing facility. The good news is that all Medigap plans are standardized, so Plan A at one company won't have more bells and whistles than Plan A at another, even if it is offered at a higher monthly premium. Interestingly, Medigap companies can charge different rates to people in different counties, so researching firms in your area can help you find the best Medicare supplemental insurance for you at the best rates for your zip code.

Best Insurance for Travelers

If you have dreams of circling the globe in retirement, the best Medicare supplemental insurance plan for you won't be Plans A or B. Neither of these policies cover medical emergencies abroad, which could mean steep out-of-pocket costs if you happen to slip while climbing the steps of Chichen Itza in Mexico or encounter a less-than-friendly aquatic sea creature while scuba diving near Australia. A comprehensive supplemental plan that offers foreign travel emergency insurance will be the best choice for you if world wandering is in your plans. If you also have a recurring medical condition or are traveling to developing parts of the world where disease or health risks are higher, the best Medicare supplemental insurance policy for you is probably on the more comprehensive end. Plans F and G are good choices.

Best Insurance for the Risk Averse

Consider yourself normal if you fall in this category. Worrying about your health costs goes beyond concerns about whether or not you're getting enough coverage to supplement Medicare. You might also worry about whether you're paying too much for your plan, or whether you've chosen the best plan for your unique medical needs. Some thorough research can help you determine the best Medicare supplemental insurance policy for you based on your income, preexisting health conditions and family history. You will probably find that the optimal supplemental plan is somewhere in the middle. Plan D, for example, offers the basic coverage of Plan A while adding deductible coverage for inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing coinsurance, foreign travel emergency insurance and home recovery services.

Speaking with agents from companies in your area while comparing rates for different plans to find the greatest value will give you peace of mind that you've selected the best Medicare supplemental insurance plan for your needs. Finding the best Medicare supplemental insurance plan for you won't likely be an overnight process. Having many choices gives you the freedom to find a balance between your monthly premium and the coverage you need; but so many choices also means you will probably heavily benefit from some thorough research of each plan.


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