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Indiana Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Indiana Medicare supplemental insurance is a great way to enhance your regular policy to cover deductibles, coinsurance, and services not offered by original Medicare. Many Indiana residents rely on supplemental insurance policies, also called Medigap, for the peace of mind that they're receiving all the coverage they need while minimizing out-of-pocket costs. Whether you live in Fort Bend, IN or Gary, IN, an Indiana Medicare supplemental insurance company can help you maximize your coverage and enjoy your retirement without worrying about how you might have to pay for unexpected medical expenses.

Guide to Medicare

Medicare coverage is a federal health insurance program designed to cover seniors age 65 and older as they enter retirement as well as people younger than age 65 who are unable to work because of a disability. The program consists of two plans, Part A and Part B. Part A covers inpatient hospital care, hospice services, home health care and skilled nursing facility. Since most people pay a Medicare tax before retirement, there is no monthly premium for Part A. For this reason, it is often advisable to enroll in Part A even if you choose to keep coverage through your employer if you decide to work past age 65.

Part B covers medically necessary services such as outpatient hospital care, visits to your doctor, home health care and certain preventative services. Since Part B requires a monthly premium, some people choose to wait until they retire to enroll. There may be penalties for delaying enrollment in Part B after you turn 65, but depending on your current coverage, that option might be less expensive than keeping up two policies.

Knowing the difference between Parts A and B isn't always intuitive. Inpatient hospital care, for example, does not apply to all overnight stays. Stays less than 72 hours are covered by Part B, and Part A only covers up to 190 lifetime days. What is considered to be medically necessary by Medicare can also be ambiguous. The Indiana Department of Insurance can offer clarification as to what services Parts A and B will cover.

Supplemental Insurance Options

Since original Medicare can't cover every medical service or cost, most people choose supplemental coverage through private companies to help pay monthly premiums, coinsurance, deductibles and preventative services like flu shots. The federal government has approved 10 standardized plans for Indiana Medicare supplemental insurance. Labeled Plan A through Plan N, these policies offer varying degrees of coverage at different rates. A little research can help you determine which plan is right for you. Plans E, H, I and J are no longer available to purchase, although people who enrolled in these policies before June 1, 2010 are allowed to keep them.

All Indiana Medicare supplemental insurance companies must offer Plan A, which covers Part A and B coinsurance, up to three pints of blood and hospice coinsurance. Companies may choose which other plans to offer, although each lettered plan should be identical, so Plan A at one company is the same as Plan A at another. The most comprehensive Indiana Medicare supplemental insurance plan is Plan F, which covers everything included in Plan A, plus skilled nursing facility coinsurance, Part A and B deductibles, Part B excessive charges and coverage for medical emergencies that might happen while traveling abroad.

Medigap for Indiana Seniors

Indiana seniors can choose from 44 Indiana Medicare supplemental insurance companies, although not all firms offer every policy, and not all companies serve every IN county. Some supplemental insurance policies are only available to residents age 65 and older. Researching which specific policy works best for you before choosing a supplemental insurance company will ensure that you're selecting from your full range of options, rather than limiting yourself to whichever policies a single Indiana Medicare supplemental insurance company offers.

The perfect policy for you can depend on a number of factors, including your current health, genetic predisposition to certain conditions, lifestyle and the amount you're willing to pay for your supplemental coverage. If you plan to travel abroad extensively in your retirement, you might consider a Medigap plan that covers medical emergencies abroad. If you hope to spend your golden years trying new athletic endeavors like biking across Indiana, you might consider a policy with strong outpatient deductible coverage.

Indiana Medicare supplemental insurance can give you the peace of mind that medical problems large and small can be covered without deep financial strain. Whether you plan to spend your retirement traveling the world or enjoying Indiana with friends and family, the prospects of a medical emergency or illness without proper coverage can change your life drastically. While you can never fully emotionally prepare for medical conditions that arise as you get older, an Indiana Medicare supplemental insurance policy can at least make sure you are financially covered when it comes to your health.


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