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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Cost

Your Medicare supplemental insurance cost can depend on many factors, ranging from how old you are to when you purchase your insurance. Educating yourself about how Medicare works and what supplemental insurance, also called Medigap, can cover for you allows you to make the best decisions regarding your supplement health coverage for medicare at the best possible price. Researching rates and available plans online allows you to compare your options to make the best decision for you.

Understanding Medicare

Some seniors might feel that because they have Medicare, their health expenses are fully covered. Feeling comfortable with one form of insurance, they might not think the cost of adding supplemental coverage is necessary. In truth, the Medicare supplemental insurance cost is minor compared to the out-of-pocket cost you might incur if you have no other form of coverage. In fact, having supplemental insurance can actually save you a great of money in the long run. This is because Medicare can only cover 80 percent of the overall cost of the services it offers. These services include inpatient hospital stays, hospice care, general doctor's visits, emergency room visits, skilled nursing faculty and preventative care. The original plan's services are encompassed in two parts, called Medicare Part A and Part B. You must be enrolled in both parts to purchase a Medigap plan.

Through Medigap you purchase a private policy that covers your remaining 20 percent coinsurance fee. Depending on your plan, Medigap might also cover your deductibles, excess charges and other services, like foreign travel emergency insurance. There are 10 standardized Medigap plans from which to choose. Each offers different services and incurs a different Medicare supplemental insurance cost. If you are confident that you won't need much coverage, the most basic Medigap plan at the lowest Medicare supplemental insurance cost is Plan A, which covers your coinsurance for both Parts A and B, as well as the first three pints of blood you need drawn in a given year. Your regular Medicare plan does not cover blood work until after three pints.

As your Medicare supplemental insurance cost rises, your plan becomes more comprehensive, offering more services and greater coverage. For this reason, the plan with the highest average monthly premium is also one of the greatest values. Medigap Plan F covers your coinsurance, blood work, deductibles, excess charges and emergencies while you are traveling abroad. People with preexisting conditions and recurring health problems often choose Plan F for the extensive coverage given the price. People in excellent health who want an option with greater coverage than Plan A often choose high deductible plans, such as Plan K and L. These policies offer comprehensive coverage after you pay a certain annual deductible.

Determining Your Supplemental Insurance Cost

Although Medigap companies cannot alter a plan to add or detract coverage for a given price, providers can charge different monthly premiums for the same price to different people. Your Medicare supplemental insurance cost might therefore be very different from that of your neighbor, your husband, or your cousin across town. One factor that can greatly affect your Medicare supplemental insurance cost is your timing. You have six months from the time you purchase your policy to enroll in the plan you most desire without having to undergo medical underwriting. This period is called Open Enrollment. During this time, a provider cannot charge you higher prices for preexisting conditions, your lifestyle or your family medical history. It is very important to purchase your plan during Open Enrollment to get the plan you want at the lowest cost.

Another factor that can affect your Medicare supplemental insurance cost is your age. Supplemental insurers can use one of three ways to determine the cost of monthly premiums based on age. Under the first method, everyone subscribing to a particular plan pays the same rates, regardless of age. These plans might be more expensive for younger applicants but can become quite a bargain as policy holders get older. Some companies use a slightly different method, determining an initial rate based on your age and allowing you to keep that rate as you get older. This is a great option if you find a plan you like when you first retire and intend to keep it for life. The final payment method offers low rates to younger applicants and raises your premium slightly each year with inflation.

One other little known factor that can affect your monthly rate for supplemental coverage is your zip code. Researching different providers online can help you learn how companies determine premiums for different people and compare rates for the best value. Since your Medicare supplemental insurance cost can vary based on many factors, understanding your options before you enroll is crucial.


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