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Mississippi Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Mississippi Medicare supplemental insurance policies can be complicated if, like most people, you aren't an insurance expert. From determining which services are covered by different policies to what you'll pay in monthly premiums and deductibles, figuring out the right coverage for your needs can be difficult. Fortunately, many Mississippi companies offer supplemental coverage. Speaking with agents from a variety of companies who can thoroughly explain your options with each firm is a great way to get to know your local companies while getting a sense of which ones you'd like to work with. Finding a supplemental insurance company with agents that make you feel comfortable is sometimes as important as choosing one with the perfect policy and rates.

Choosing the Right Supplemental Policy

Mississippi Medicare supplemental insurance has helped many MS seniors find a way to make their health care more affordable by covering costs that would otherwise be out-of-pocket. Supplemental coverage, also called Medigap, is private insurance that seniors can add to their Medicare policies to pay for services, procedures and deductibles not covered by original Medicare. Examples of services covered by supplemental Mississippi Medicare plans include long-term hospital stays, coinsurance for outpatient care beyond what Medicare provides, and in some cases, emergency care for trips overseas. Mississippi Medicare supplemental insurance is available in 10 standardized plans, labeled Plan A through Plan N. Some lettered plans are no longer available to purchase, but a local agent can help you determine an alternative with similar coverage.

All Mississippi Medicare supplemental insurance companies must offer Medigap Plan A, which provides the "core coverage" available in every lettered plan. This "core coverage" includes inpatient hospital coinsurance for stays longer than 60 lifetime days and up to 150 days, the first three pints of blood work in a given year, and coinsurance for medically necessary visits to your doctor. The most comprehensive coverage is available through Plan F, which offers "core coverage" in addition to skilled nursing facility, all Medicare deductibles, 100 percent of excess insurance for outpatient hospital stays as well as visits to your doctor, and foreign travel insurance to cover emergencies abroad.

Plans M and N, introduced in 2010, are set up differently than other Mississippi Medicare supplemental insurance policies in that these plans take advantage of cost-sharing. Plan M uses the cost-sharing method of co-insurance to lower your monthly premiums by requiring that you pay a part of your medical expenses out-of-pocket. Rather than raising deductibles, Plan N uses co-pays to reduce monthly premiums. This means you pay a set fee for visits to your doctor or the emergency room rather than a portion of the overall cost. Each Mississippi Medicare supplemental insurance policy offers something different, so it is often a good idea to carefully examine your lifestyle, income and payment preferences before carefully researching each plan.

Finding a Mississippi Medigap Firm

Several companies offer Mississippi Medicare supplemental insurance, although not all MS firms offer the same rates or services in all parts of the state. Since each plan is standardized, meaning that Plan C at one company is the same as Plan C at another, you can save time by not having to compare plans. Each lettered plan should be identical. However, this doesn't mean that all companies offer the same rates or service across the board. Some Mississippi companies only offer supplemental coverage in certain counties. Others even offer different rates in different counties, and rates in general can vary widely from company to company. Researching Mississippi Medicare supplemental insurance firms online can help you find a good place to start before reaching out to local companies to see if their agents, outlook and available policies are a good fit for you.

In researching local Mississippi companies to find coverage that will supplement your Medicare policy, there are several qualities to look for in your agent. Finding someone who communicates well and takes the time to understand your income situation, dream retirement scenario and lifestyle is important since these factors often determine the kind of policy you will want. If you plan on an active retirement filled with sailing adventures and trips abroad, for example, your agent can help you take these dreams into account as you select your policy. Comparing rates for different plans specifically in your county is also important since monthly premiums can vary across different parts of the state.

Mississippi Medicare supplemental insurance has helped many MS seniors find a balance between monthly premiums and deductible coverage. Doing so has made paying for medical care a worry-free process. Whether you live in Jackson, Gulfport or Biloxi, many Mississippi companies have knowledgeable agents who can help you determine the best Medgiap policy for you, so you can enjoy retirement with the peace of mind that your health care costs won't cause you financial stress.


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