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Supplement Insurance for Medicare

Supplement insurance for Medicare can help active seniors enjoy life to the fullest during retirement by providing the peace of mind that their health will be taken care of no matter what activities they choose to pursue, whether it's gardening in the backyard or scuba diving in Australia. Even seniors who have financially planned ahead for retirement might have overlooked the cost of health care, not realizing that Medicare supplemental insurance providers only covers 80 percent of services offered. Adding supplement insurance for Medicare can cover your remaining coinsurance, and depending on your plan, your deductibles, excess charges and even services not covered by your original Medicare plan. Seniors don't need to reduce their quality of life when they begin living on their nest egg; they simply need to be prepared with the right tools to cover their medical expenses without having to dip into their savings.

Choosing a Supplement Insurance Plan

There are many decisions that seniors must make when choosing supplement insurance for Medicare. One important decision that can affect the best company for you is where you want to live during retirement. Monthly premiums for supplement Medicare, also called Medigap, can vary greatly depending on your zip code. Investigating rates in your own town and other cities you have considered living in can help you determine what you might expect if you keep your home versus selling your property and buying a condo across town, or even on the beach.

Another important decision to consider when purchasing supplement insurance for Medicare is your personal medical history. Fortunately, if you enroll in a Medigap plan within the first six months of purchasing your policy, your insurance carrier cannot legally ask you to submit to medical underwriting to determine your rate. This means that you can choose any of the 10 standardized Medigap plans available without needing a physical. For your own benefit, however, the plan you choose should reflect your current health while financially preparing you for conditions you might face based on your family history. For example, if there's a history of colon cancer in your family, you might want to consider a comprehensive plan with strong coverage of regular doctors' visits to help you catch and prevent this disease in yourself.

Your lifestyle is another important factor that can affect the right plan for you as you research supplement insurance for Medicare. If you are content to spend your golden years at home, visiting nearby family and becoming more involved in your own community, you might not need to invest in foreign travel emergency insurance. If your dream is to fly somewhere new each year of your retirement, this something you need to consider as you research supplement insurance for Medicare. Likewise, if your favorite activities include athletic pursuits that carry a risk of injury, you should also consider the level of coverage your plan offers for emergency room care and hospital visits.

A final factor that can impact your decision in purchasing supplement insurance for Medicare is your income. It might seem to go against reason, but the smaller your nest egg, the more expensive you probably need your Medicare supplement insurance plan to be. Attempting to save money on your monthly premium with a more basic Medigap policy might work for you in the short run, but should you face a medical emergency, you will still have to pay a large part of your overall cost out-of-pocket. The most basic Medicare supplement plan will cover your coinsurance fee, but your deductibles will not be met. If you incur excess charges or need skilled nursing care, you will also need to pay for these services out of your savings. Many seniors choose not to risk their savings by enrolling in Plan F, the most comprehensive supplement policy available. Plan F covers your coinsurance, deductibles, hospice care, skilled nursing facility and foreign emergency coverage.

Finding the Right Medigap Company

Your state insurance Web site should offer a list of companies able to sell supplement insurance for Medicare in your state. Ensuring that each provider on your list of candidates is on that list will save you from wasting your time on companies that cannot legally sell you a policy. Choosing a Medicare supplement provider can be difficult if, like most people, you aren't an insurance expert. Researching your options thoroughly, however, can help you determine the right plan for you, and therefore the best company. Not all providers of supplement insurance for Medicare offer every policy, so you'll need to research which ones carry the plan you desire most. Researching each company's rate policy regarding age and restrictions for changing your plan will also ensure that you enroll in the right one for you without headaches down the road if you need to make a switch.


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