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Utah Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Utah Medicare supplemental insurance allows many Utah seniors to enjoy all that the Beehive State has to offer by giving them the peace of mind that a medical emergency won't put them in financial ruin. Supplemental insurance "fills the gaps" in original Medicare, helping people who are enrolled in the program to pay for out-of-pocket expenses like coinsurance, deductibles and copays. With Utah Medicare supplemental insurance, seniors can enjoy skiing in Park City, hiking in Ogden or golfing in Moab with the confidence that their insurance will cover all medically necessary procedures to keep them leading active, healthy lives in the UT mountains and desert.

About Medicare

Medicare is a federal insurance plan designed to give seniors age 65 or older, as well as people of all ages with certain medical conditions, a basic form of medical coverage. Original Medicare offers two kinds of coverage. Part A insures most aspects of hospice care, skilled nursing facility, inpatient rehabilitation facilities and hospital stays longer than 72 hours but shorter than 190 lifetime nights. Part B covers medically necessary visits to your doctor, outpatient hospital care, home health services and some preventative care, including certain vaccinations like flu shots. Both parts require deductibles and coinsurance, which Utah Medicare supplemental insurance can help cover.

As more seniors must work beyond age 65 to receive social security benefits and grow their nest egg enough to retire, many must also face the difficult decision of whether or not to remain with their employer's insurance or to trade their coverage for Medicare. Insurance experts recommend enrolling in Part A to supplement your employer's coverage before you retire since there is no premium or penalty for having both kinds of insurance. Part B is less flexible. Those who do not sign up for Part B as soon as they become eligible may have to pay a penalty. A penalty may be the less expensive choice, however, for people who are already paying for an employer's policy.

Delaying enrollment in Part B also ensures that you can take full advantage of Open Enrollment, the six month period after you purchase Part B in which you can select any Utah Medicare supplemental insurance policy you think is best for you without having to take a physical. During Open Enrollment, no company can deny you coverage or charge you a higher premium because of your lifestyle, genetic predispositions to diseases or preexisting conditions. For this reason, it is highly recommended to take advantage of Open Enrollment.

Guide to Supplemental Coverage

Since Original Medicare cannot fully cover every expense related to care it provides, seniors can purchase private supplemental coverage to help pay for coinsurance and deductibles as well as services not included in Parts A and B, such as long-term hospital care and coverage for emergencies abroad. Because Utah Medicare supplemental insurance "fills the gaps" in the original government-offered coverage, it is also called Medigap. Seniors must be enrolled in Parts A and B to enroll. The federal government has approved 10 Medigap plans, labeled Plan A through Plan N. Plans E, H, I and J are no longer available to purchase, although Utah seniors who enrolled in one of these supplemental plans prior to their expiration may keep their plan.

Plan A offers the most basic coverage, including hospital stays, Part B deductibles and the first three pints of blood drawn in a year. Also called "core benefits," Plan A must be offered by every company approved to sell supplemental coverage. While Plan A is often the least expensive option, it is not recommended for low income Utah seniors or seniors who expect to face long hospital stays. Plan F offers the most comprehensive Utah Medicare supplemental insurance, covering every service from Plan A while adding skilled nursing facility, Part A and B deductibles, 100 percent of Part B excess charges and foreign travel emergencies. Plan F is also available in a high-deductible form, offering healthy Utah seniors the chance to purchase supplemental care at lower premiums with a higher deductible than the original plan.

Medigap for Utah Residents

Since seniors in the Beehive State tend to lead active lives, both socially and recreationally, Utah Medicare supplemental insurance is an important part of ensuring that Utah residents can receive the coverage they need without sacrificing their favorite activities, be it skiing or a neighborhood dance. Fortunately, enrolling in a Utah Medicare supplemental insurance program is easy. Thirty-one UT companies are licensed to sell Medigap, and all 10 plans are available. Before selecting a Utah Medicare supplemental insurance company, first decide how much coverage you want and what you are willing to pay per month for Part B. Once you have selected the right standardized plan for you, you can more easily find the UT company that best fits your needs.


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Medicare Supplemental Insurance

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