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What Does Medicare Not Cover?

Medicare is an excellent program that helps many elderly individuals throughout America. Medicare is a federal program that is split into two main parts with numerous other, more minor parts. Part A will help you by covering your inpatient care when you are in the hospital, some types of home health care, and nursing facility care. Part B will help you by covering your doctors' visits, certain types of medical services, outpatient care, and other home health care not covered under Part A. Your medicines will be partially paid for thanks to Medicare Part D. While this is a great plan, it does not help you pay for everything that you need.

While this federal plan is extremely helpful, it will not help you pay for everything that might come your way. You might still have to paying medical bills at the end of the month. If you are struggling to pay for some of your medical bills at the end of the month, you need to do something about it. Luckily there are ways to help yourself out if you are on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay for some of your medical bills not covered by Medicare. You can, for example, purchase Medicare supplemental insurance to help you out.

Basic Items Not Covered

While Part D of Medicare will be able to help you with some medication payments, it will not cover all medications that you might need. There are certain prescriptions, especially those that are considered experimental, will not be covered under Part D of your Medicare plan. If you need these medications, you will need to search for a different way to pay for them since you will not have the help that you need from your Medicare.

If you need to have dental procedures, there is a good chance that you will not be able to use your Medicare to pay for it. You will need to purchase a different type of coverage that will help to pay for those procedures. Additionally, you will likely not be able to get any vision care covered under your Medicare. You will have to find another way to help to pay for any visits that you need to make to your optometrist. This will generally include any routine visits and eye wear like glasses and contacts.

While Medicare will be able to help you pay for many of the different fees associated with things like hospital visits, it will still not pay for all of them. There will be things that you will have to pay for on your own, even if Medicare covers them. You will not, for example, be able to have a private room paid for if you ever go to the hospital. You will need to pay extra for that as well as a television or phone in the room in which you are staying.

What You Can Do to Help

Even though Medicare will not cover everything that you need, there is something that you can do. You can shop for Medicare supplemental insurance to help you pay for things that Medicare does not cover. If you have any fees associated with Medicare-covered procedures, generally supplemental coverage will take care of them. Additionally, if you have any procedures that you need to have done or medications that you need, your supplemental insurance will be able to pay for them. This will prove extremely helpful to many individuals since Medicare supplemental insurance is generally not very expensive to pay for every month.


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