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What Does Supplemental Insurance Cover?

Supplemental insurance is for those individuals who currently have Medicare but still need some extra support to pay for any of their medical bills. If you are an elderly individual and are on Medicare, you might be qualified to purchase supplemental insurance from one of the many dealers that you can find online. Medicare is the federal program that helps the elderly pay for their medical bills that they might have. Unfortunately, Medicare cannot help you pay for everything. There are still some bills that you will need help paying for. For all of these medical bills, you need to have supplemental insurance for Medicare beneficiaries.

Medicare Coverage Basics

Medicare is a federal program that is split into a few main parts. Part A will help you pay for your hospital care, certain nursing facilities, and some different types of home health care. Part B is the part of Medicare that will help you with outpatient care, other types of home health care, and normal visits to your doctor. Another part, known as Part D, will help you pay for your prescription costs. This is a great program that has helped many individuals who cannot pay for their medical bills on their own.

Unfortunately, though, this program cannot help you pay for everything that you need to pay for. There might be certain medical bills, procedures, or prescriptions that you still have to pay for on your own. You might, for example, have a procedure that you really need to have done. Unfortunately your Medicare does not cover that procedure. Instead of paying for it on your own, you decide not to have the procedure since it is so expensive. If this is a scenario that you have faced, it might be time to search for supplemental insurance.

Supplemental Insurance Basics

Supplemental insurance will cover all of those things that your Medicare does not. If you have that certain procedure that you need to have but never had because it was too expensive, your supplemental insurance will be able to help you. You will be able to afford that procedure and will not have to live in pain any longer. You also will not have to pay all of that money for that procedure out of your own pocket. Simply pay your monthly premiums, and you will be able to have the procedure done in no time at all.

If you go to see your doctor on a regular visit, he might ask you to go see a specialist. The only problem is that that specialist is not covered under your Medicare. If you do not have supplemental insurance, you will likely not go to see that specialist because it is too expensive. If you have supplemental insurance, your Medicare will pay for your doctor's visit and your supplemental insurance will pay for the specialist visit. You will not have to suffer worrying about how you will pay for the specialist that your doctor recommended.

If you see that specialist anyway, even without Medicare supplemental insurance, you might be prescribed certain pills to help with pain or other issues. As you know, purchasing pills, especially brand name pills, without insurance is extremely expensive. Learning what supplemental insurance covers will help in this case as well. You will be able to purchase the pills that you need and will not have to sit there in pain. Financially, purchasing supplemental insurance will almost be completely worth based on prescription costs alone. You will be able to pay for the cost of your supplemental insurance in all of the money that you can save on pills.


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